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 Workers Comp
       Worker's Compensation Instructions and Forms
       Air Force Nonappropriated (NAF) Benefits
       2018 NAF Benefits Overview (For Open Enrollment)
 Policies and Regulations
       Air Force Manual 34-310, Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures
       When Your Sponsor Leaves But You Want To Stay
 Pay and Allowances
       Accumulation of Annual Leave and Use of Lose
       Leave Without Pay (LWOP) For Regular Employees Moving With Head of Household
       2017 NAF Pay Schedules (NF, NA/NL/NS, CY)
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       NAF Supervisors CB Training
 NAF Career Program
       Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Career Program Guide (25 Mar 15)
 Supervisor's Employee Work Folder (SEWF)
       What Goes Into The Supervisor's Employee Work Folder
 Employee Management Relations (EMR)
       Mid Term Developmental Performance Feedback
       NAF HRO Training For Supervisors
       Annual Performance and Awards Guidance
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 Disciplinary Actions
       Probationary Period and Separation During Probationary Period
       Memorandum of Reprimand
       afman34-310; Chapter 8 Disciplinary Actions and Attachment 9 Offenses and Penalties
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 Hiring and Selecting NAF Employees
       Hiring Preferences (For Overseas)
       NAF Positions - Selection Process
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 Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Certificate
 Employee Newsletters
       2017 Employee Newsletter
       2016 Employee Newsletters
 Employee Resources - EAP and WorkLife4You
       WorkLife4You Nov 2017 Article - Care for Yourself
       Work Life Program
       Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Brochure
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 New Supervisors Information
       NAF HR Supervisor's Training CBT
       NAF Jobs Hiring Rights
       DCPDS Account Request Instructions - Instructions for Completing the DD Form 2875:
       Employee Updating Training Through My Biz
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The NAF HR Office Work Request Ticket System and Knowledgebase
  The NAF Human Resources Office Work Request Ticket System and Knowledgebase  
Article rated 3.5/5.0
Out-Processing Checklist
This form should be used for employees separating from employment.     Please make sure that you are giving employees an out processing checklist   to complete before their last day.
Article rated 3.5/5.0

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