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 Reduction in Guaranteed Hours


Reduction in Guaranteed Hours
(AFMAN 34-310, Chapter 1, paragraph Reduction in Guaranteed Hours. When a supervisor determines that less hours are required routinely each week, and the only way to accomplish this requirement is to reduce an employee's guaranteed hours, proper action will be taken to make the required changes. Guaranteed hours will not be reduced solely to avoid payment of benefits, or to provide more hours for other employees. These advance notification periods must be adhered to during normal, day-to-day operations. When emergency conditions exist, notification periods may be modified according to the provisions outlined in Chapter 6, para A reduction in an employee's guaranteed hours that results in a change in employment category must be processed as a business based action (BBA) (for example, reducing a regular employee from 20 to 15 hours), according to the procedures in Chapter 6. A reduction in an employee's guaranteed hours that does not require a change in employment category (for example, reducing a regular employee from 40 to 35 hours) must be processed according to the following procedures: When a decrease in hours is necessary, the supervisor must provide the employee a written notice in advance of the action according to Figure 1.1.


Figure 1.1. Reduction in Guaranteed Hours

CATEGORY            ARE REDUCED                     IN ADVANCE OF ACTION

Regular                  8 hours or more                15 calendar days

Regular                  less than 8 hours              7 calendar days

Flexible                 any amount of time          24 hours As a minimum, the written notice must include: A statement that the employee's guaranteed hours are being reduced. The effective date of the change. A clear statement of the reasons for the change (be specific). A statement that if he or she believes the action is unfair or disagrees with the reasons for the action, the employee may submit a grievance. Advice on how and where to file the grievance, and the time limits for filing such grievance. The name, location, and phone number of the person in the NAF-HR designated to provide assistance. Prior to issuance to the employee, the second level supervisor reviews, and the NAF-HR coordinates on the written notice. A copy of the memorandum, together with AF Form 2548, requesting the change in the guaranteed hours, is sent to the NAF-HR. The NAF-HR processes the form and issues an AF Form 2545, to effect the change. Reduction in Guaranteed Hours at Employee's Request. A decrease in guaranteed hours at the employee's request that does not reduce the employment category, may be taken at anytime, provided the employee submits the request in writing by completing AF Form 2550, NAF Application for Promotion or Other Position Change.

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