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 Accumulation of Annual Leave and Use of Lose




Start planning head for leave and taking into consideration Use or Lose Just as a reminder, employees can always come to our office and we will help them print their LES or make any necessary changes in NAFPay if they are unable to access the website.  


 Employees are authorized to carry forward only 240 hours of annual leave from one year to the next.  Any accrued annual leave over these amounts are considered "USE or LOSE" leave, and cannot be carried over into the next leave year.  Every effort should be made to use "USE or LOSE" annual leave prior to the end of the year.    On a case-by-case basis, the FSS Commander/Director may approve an employee to carry leave in excess of 240 hours into the next year.  In order to qualify for consideration, an employee must have requested annual leave during the year, and circumstances beyond the control of management and the employee precluded its use before the end of the leave year.  All approved requests must be routed through the NAF-HR ticket system to coordinate with AFSVA.


 Use or Lose Leave Calculation:  Use or lose leave calculation is an estimate based on the assumption the employee (EE) will earn the maximum leave possible through the end of the leave year and not use any.




14.2.4. Accumulation of Annual Leave. The maximum amount of accumulated annual leave that may be carried over from one leave year to the next is 30 days (240 hours), except in the following instances: Employees who were directly recruited or transferred by a NAFI from the U.S. for employment overseas or from which transferred and who’s condition of employment provide for their return transportation to the U.S. may accumulate 45 days (360 hours). Upon return to the U.S. annual leave accumulated under this provision remains to the credit of the employee until used. Upon return from overseas, the maximum annual leave accumulation is 30 days (240 hours) or the amount carried over from the previous leave year, whichever is greater, not to exceed 45 days (360 hours). For employees who are serving in a position in pay band NF-VI, there is a maximum limitation on annual leave accumulation of 90 days (720 hours) or the amount accumulated under earlier statute, whichever is greater. On a case-by-case basis and on approval by the commander or director, employees may carry leave in excess of 240 or 360 hours, as appropriate, forward into the next leave year. The employee must have requested annual leave early in the leave year and circumstances beyond the control of management and the employee precluded its use before the end of the leave year. Any amount of excess leave carried into the next leave year is used within the first 19 pay periods of the leave year or forfeited. Time off is granted and scheduled so as not to adversely affect an employee who is in an annual leave "use or lose" situation and is not used as justification to restore forfeited annual leave.


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