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 Hiring Preferences (For Overseas)


Hiring Preferences (For Overseas)
(AFMAN 34-310, paragraphs 3.3, 3.8 – 3.11, 16.3.1, 19.7)

1 – Military Spouse Preference

  • Must be married to sponsor prior to PCS
  • Required documents: sponsor’s PCS orders that name spouse as husband/wife of active duty military member

2 – Off-Duty Military

  • Cannot work more than 34 hrs/week
  • Required documents: PCS orders
  • AF 3902 (Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment) will be required later if they are selected for a position; however, they cannot start work without it.

3 – Transition Hiring Preference

  • Should have an ID card that says “TA”

4 – Family Member Preference

  • Command-sponsored spouses
  • Child dependents of a military sponsor with PCS orders
  • Dependents of civilian sponsor with PCS orders (spouse or otherwise)
  • Child dependents must be under 21 years of age, or under 23 if they are a full-time student

5 – Veterans’ Preference

  • Prior military members
  • Must meet eligibility requirements from Department of Labor, including specified time periods or military campaigns
  • Required documents: DD214 Member 4 Copy (Type of separation cannot be anything less than “General”)

6– Current Air Force NAF Employee -no preference

  • Currently work for 86 FSS
  • Required documents: AF 2550 (NAF Application for Promotion or Other Position Changes)

7– Other candidates-no preference

  • Applicants who currently have logistical support through another branch (AAFES, DECA, etc.)
  • Required documents: employment verification letter from current employer stating date hired and if they have logistical support through them
  • Tourists (Visa Required)
  • Required documents: date entered country (in passport or plane ticket)
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