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 When Your Sponsor Leaves But You Want To Stay



When Your Sponsor Leaves But You Want To Stay


(AFMAN 34-310, Chapter 16, paragraphs – The employment of a family member of a military or civilian sponsor assigned to a host country may extend no longer than 60 days following the transfer of the sponsor from the commuting area of his or her duty station, the separation of the appointee’s sponsor, or beyond the time the employee ceases to be a family member. This time limit applies to the employment of all family members, regardless of whether they used any preference to obtain NAF employment.

 · Once appointed, unmarried dependent children may be retained until their sponsor departs from the commuting area of his or her duty station or completes the current period of service requirement, whichever occurs first.

 · NAF employees who are relocating to a new duty station because of a sponsor’s transfer, and are on LWOP may be retained on the NAFIs rolls until the expiration period of the LWOP.

 · Installation commanders may approve extensions to the 60-day period for a period no longer than 1 year, when it is in the best interest of management or for humanitarian reasons, where there are no qualified and available military/DoD civilian family members in the local area, and when such action complies with the provisions of applicable Status of Forces Agreements, treaties or country-to-country agreements. Supervisors submit requests for extensions to the NAF-HR. Extensions must be fully documented, and filed on the left side of the OPF. When possible, employees should initiate requests for extensions through their supervisor at least 60 days in advance to allow for necessary processing and approvals.

 · Extensions are not approved beyond the expiration of the employee’s entitlement to return transportation. The NAF-HR includes the following remark on appointment AF Form 2545, ―This appointment will be terminated within 60 days following the date the employee ceases to be a dependent, or following the sponsor’s transfer from the commuting area or separation from service.‖ Employees will submit a resignation from NAF employment when he/she is no longer eligible for appointment as a family member. LWOP may be requested for employees relocating with head of household. NAF-HRs will terminate employees who refuse to resign in the following manner:

 · Provide a minimum of 20 hours advance, written notice of termination action.

 · Include a statement that the termination is not grievable as the appointment is considered time-limited.

 · Process Termination action for flexible employees and Termination-Without Prejudice action for regular employees. Include the following remark on AF Form 2545 termination action: ―Termination due to loss of status as a (dependent or off-duty military).‖


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