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 What Goes Into The Supervisor's Employee Work Folder


 AFMAN 34-310 Supervisor's Records


2.7. Supervisor's Records. Supervisors must have access to certain types of information regarding the employees they supervise. The NAF-HR provides employee information contained in the OPF and DCPDS, and provides instructions for the upkeep and use of the information. Supervisors use the information provided by the NAF-HR to carry out their
supervisory responsibilities, and to document significant events and discussions concerning employee performance, recognition, and conduct. Managers and supervisors maintain employee records according to AFMAN 33-363, Management of Records.


2.7.1. Supervisor's Employee Work Folder. Use a six-part folder to maintain employee documentation. It consists of specific job-related documentation generated throughout the course of the employee's employment. Each first-level supervisor maintains the employee folders in a secured place. Maintenance of and access to the folders by administrative or clerical personnel who are not the first-level supervisor is prohibited. Supervisors at higher levels will not maintain duplicate sets of records. In the absence of the first level supervisor, the next higher-level supervisor may have access to those records. The Employee Work Folder will be maintained in the following order:




·         Part I, PD and PG


·         Part II, AF Form 971, Supervisor's Employee Brief (computer generated)


·         Part III, Pending personnel action documents


·         Part IV, Employee recognition, awards, and performance evaluations


·         Part V, Employee education and training


·         Part VI, Miscellaneous information, i.e., debt letters, leave schedules, health cards, etc.


2.7.2. Safeguarding Records. All supervisors maintaining these records must be cautioned they are to use discretion when asked to furnish them, and they may be furnished only as authorized by the Privacy Act. Request guidance from the NAF-HR for requests of release of information in these records. Protect employee work folders from unauthorized access.


2.7.3. Disposition of Employee Work Folders. Use the following procedures to dispose of the supervisor's employee work folder: Retain the employee work folder for the new supervisor when a supervisor leaves the organization. The losing supervisor sends the employee work folder to the gaining supervisor in a sealed envelope within ten workdays when an employee moves to a different activity on the same installation. Destroy the employee work folder after 60 days when an employee is transferred to another AF installation or another agency. The supervisor destroys the employee work folder after 60 days when an employee is separated for any reason other than for entrance into military service (military furlough) or for any type of adverse action (BBA, performance, or cause). When an employee is separated as a result of an adverse action, forward the employee work folder to the NAF-HR pending possible appeal, grievance, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaints, or unfair labor practice (ULP) charges. Upon resolution of any of the above charges, the employee work folder may be destroyed. The supervisor sends the employee work folder to the NAF-HR, who retains the folder with the OPF, pending the expiration of the period of military furlough when an employee is separated to enter the military service (military furlough).




971-Instructions.docx 971-Instructions.docx
TA-8-Program-Training-Aid-Maintaining-the-Supervisor-Employee-Work-Folder.docx TA-8-Program-Training-Aid-Maintaining-the-Supervisor-Employee-Work-Folder.docx

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