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 Mid Term Developmental Performance Feedback



This is a reminder that it is that time of year to accomplish your NAF mid-term evaluations IAW AFMAN 34-310, 7.1. First line supervisors develop performance standards on the position guide for each positon supervised.  Performance expectations must be communicated to the employee before holding the employee accountable for those expectations. It is these performance standards documented on the AF Form 1702, Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Position Guide, which are reviewed with the employee during the midterm progress review.  The rating official must conduct meaningful progress reviews that address performance progress and developmental opportunities at least once during the performance appraisal period to promote, sustain, and improve performance.  Managers and supervisors are not restricted to a single review during the appraisal period but must conduct at least one.


The progress review is a private communication between the rating official and the employee.  The process is intended for employee development and to help the individual. The employee should be made aware the progress review is meant to provide feedback on performance that may impact the rating of record at the end of the appraisal period. A copy of the form is provided to the employee.


The original is retained by the rating official in the Employee Work Folder.


There is no formal guidance on what format/form you use to annotate your assessment.  You may use the attached AF Form 860B worksheet or the Performance Feedback Worksheet.  As with everything else you annotate on the 971, make sure you have the employee sign and date. When using the AF Form 860B, the rater needs to ensure the employee understands which performance standard is related to which element, for example, Element 1 - Performs all assigned duties in accordance with established procedures; Element 2 - Accurately maintains and updates files to enable quick and efficient retrieval of information; and so forth



The suspense for mid-term evaluations is 30 Apr each year.  If you have any questions regarding the AF 971 please feel free to contact our office.


AF-860B-Civilian-Progress-Review-Worksheet.xfdl AF-860B-Civilian-Progress-Review-Worksheet.xfdl
Semi-annual-Performance-Feedback-worksheet.doc Semi-annual-Performance-Feedback-worksheet.doc

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