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 NAF Positions - Selection Process




NAF Positions - Selection Process

(AFMAN 34-310, Chapter 5, paragraphs 5.5.1-3)


5.5. Interview, Selection, and Release of Employees:

5.5.1. Interviews. The selecting supervisor may interview candidates and visit the NAF-HR to get information from employee's records. Interviews are a useful tool that management should use to assess personal characteristics and potential for assuming the duties of the position. This is especially important when filling supervisory vacancies, because the success of any organization is directly related to the capacity and skills of supervisors, line managers, and executives who make decisions and direct or lead others in completing the organization's mission. Attachment 8 contains guidance on interview objectives and techniques.

5.5.2. Number of Considerations. There is no limit on the number of times an applicant or current employee may be considered for vacant positions.

5.5.3. Release of Employees. The selecting supervisor contacts the losing supervisor and arranges for a tentative release date; and notifies the NAF-HR, who establishes the effective date. Employees usually are released within fifteen calendar days after the losing supervisor is notified of the selection. Losing and gaining supervisors may agree on an extension (of not more than ten additional days) to train a replacement or other emergency needs; but, in no case is an employee's release date conditioned on the ability to get a replacement.

afman34-310-Attachment-8-Guidance-on-Interview-Techniques.pdf afman34-310-Attachment-8-Guidance-on-Interview-Techniques.pdf

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