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 Probationary Period and Separation During Probationary Period



Probationary Period andSeparation During Probationary Period

(AFMAN 34-310, Chapter 4, paragraph 4.6)


4.6. Probationary Period. The probationary period tests the employee's ability, suitability, and fitness for the job, as shown by actual job performance. During this period, the employee's conduct and performance are observed, and he or she may be separated if conditions warrant. The NAF-HR processes a personnel action upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period.

4.6.1. A probationary period is required for all regular and flexible employees with exception of those appointed to limited (NTE) appointments. Exceptions to this requirement are limited to: The appointment of a person who has completed a probationary period, and who is appointed either in the same Force Support Squadron within six months after separation without cause, or as a result of a transfer of function. The transfer in of an AF NAF employee who has completed a probationary period, and who is transferred in from another AF NAF position at another installation without a break in service of a single workday, when work performed is in the same line of work. The NAF-HR makes the same line of work determination. Prior continuing AF NAF service is creditable toward the probationary period requirement for AF NAF employees who transfer in from another AF NAF position at another installation without a break in service of a single workday, when work performed is in the same line of work. The length of the probationary period is: Six months for Pay band NFI NFII employees. Twelve months for Pay band NFIII NFV employees. Twelve months for CY employees. Six months for Crafts and Trades (NA and NL). Twelve months for initial appointment to a supervisory and/or managerial position.

4.6.2. The probationary period is extended by the number of calendar days in excess of thirty when the number of calendar days in a nonpay status exceeds thirty. Extension of probationary periods for other circumstances is not permitted.

4.6.3. Employees demoted or reassigned during probation are credited with the time served toward completing probation. The probationary period completion date does not change. An employee who does not satisfactorily complete the probationary period for a supervisory and/or managerial position shall be returned to a position no lower in grade or pay band and pay than the one held prior to appointment to the supervisory or managerial position. Such action is not considered a disciplinary action.

4.6.4. The following NAF service counts toward completing a probationary period: Periods in a pay status, computed on a calendar basis. Periods of LWOP of thirty days or less. Absences of professional school personnel, employed by a NAFI, in a nonpay status during school recess periods such as summer breaks.

4.6.5. Employees moved to a position with a requirement for a longer probationary period, must serve the new probationary period. Time served in a previous probationary period is not creditable toward completion of the new probationary period.

4.6.6. Separation During Probationary Period. An employee may be separated during probation if he or she fails to demonstrate that he or she possesses the skills or character traits necessary for satisfactory performance in the position. The supervisor should start separation action if it becomes apparent that the employee's conduct, general character traits, or performance are not acceptable. The supervisor prepares a memorandum to notify the employee of the reason for termination and the effective date of the action. The memorandum is coordinated with the NAF-HR prior to giving to the employee. A minimum of twenty-four hours notice is required. The notice memorandum will include: A statement of the specific action to be taken, for example, "This is to officially notify you that you will be separated from your position of ___________________." A statement containing the specific reasons for the action. The effective date of the action. The effective date may not be earlier than 24 hours from the date the employee receives the Notice of Separation During Probationary Period memorandum. The employee's duty status during the notice period. In most circumstances, the employee is in a normal duty status during the notice period. The name, location, and phone number of the person in the NAF-HR designated to address any questions the employee may have. A statement that separation during the probationary period is not subject to the NAF grievance or appeal procedures. The supervisor forwards a copy of the separation memorandum along with AF Form 2548, documenting the action, to the NAF-HR for processing. The NAF-HR prepares and issues an AF Form 2545.

4.6.7. Documentation. The NAF-HR maintains the material used to support the action and the separation memorandum in a case file apart from the employee's OPF.

4.6.8. Separation during the probationary period is not subject to the NAFI grievance or appeal procedures; however, complaints that such separation was based, in whole or in part, on discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, physical or mental handicap, age, or national origin are processed according to AFI 36-1201, Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints.


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